Monday, March 4, 2024

Saudi Woman Buys Ronaldo’s Shirt For Over 35 Lakhs

A woman from Saudi Arabia purchased a signed Al-Nassr football jersey of Cristiano Ronaldo for $125,000 at an auction. The auction occurred during a dinner party connected to the upcoming Diriyah ePrix event scheduled for January 26 and 27.

In a 65-second video shared on X, the auctioneer announces that the bidding for the Portuguese star’s shirt has reached $77,500, expressing surprise at the rapid increase. He urges participants to continue bidding, shouting “$100,000.” The crowd applauds enthusiastically as the bid escalates to $105,000 and then $110,000.

The auctioneer acknowledges a bid of “$115,000” and proceeds with the familiar “going once, going twice” routine, leading to the final bid of $125,000. Notably, the woman making this bid, reported to be a member of the business community, is not shown in the video.

Cristiano Ronaldo joined the Saudi Pro League side Al-Nassr in January 2023.

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