Saturday, April 20, 2024

Nestlé Pakistan Enables Rural Women to Become Financially Empowered

The Nestlé BISP Rural Women Sales Program was envisioned to provide livelihood opportunities to the poorest of the poor women, helping them become financially independent. While there are many stories of such women, one of them is of Razia bibi, who sold limited grocery items in Renala Khurd with a minor turnover. Then, one day a representative from Nestlé visited her village and told her about a range of products.

Razia bibi didn’t have enough capital to invest in her business, so Nestlé’s representative offered her a loan, which helped her stock healthy and nutritious products that weren’t available at most stores in her village.

This loan was a part of PKR 2 million that Nestlé has extended to Akhuwat Foundation, (the largest interest-free microfinance program) as revolving credit to provide microloans to sales agents who, as a result, have opened their own shops in their villages. Till date, 200 microloans have been given with an average of PKR 15,000 per beneficiary.

With this loan, Razia bibi expanded her product portfolio including healthy and nutritious products like Nestlé Bunyad and Cerelac, after which, her revenue grew as well. She is now able to educate her children and feed them healthy food, which for her as a mother, are two of her greatest achievements.

On this International Day of Rural Women, it is very important to remember and honor women like Razia bibi who are key agents for achieving sustainable development and contribute significantly to the economy and communities.

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