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Top HomeChefs Who Have Risen Through the Ranks with foodpanda

Eating out is considered a recreational or leisure activity by most Pakistanis. This nation is an avid foodie and enjoys local as well as international cuisines equally. You name it and that food item is readily available in various places across the country. . Given the love that people have for food, franchise owners enjoy introducing unique and flavourful offerings to various cities across Pakistan.

In the past couple of years, e-commerce grew significantly not just in Pakistan but throughout the world. Food delivery platforms among related businesses found an opportunity during these times and reached out to their customers in the comfort of their homes. It was here that foodpanda’s HomeChefs initiative not only helped foodpreneurs to become economically empowered, it also brought about several offerings with the USP of ‘ghar ka khana’ for the food-conscious customer.

The HomeChefs platform is designed to be more than just a safe and convenient way for people to enjoy their favorite food whether they are at work or at home. It is also an avenue for individuals possessing an entrepreneurial streak to explore a sustainable business operation model, especially if they enjoy cooking food. Throughout its brief but momentous journey, foodpanda HomeChefs has become a pillar of support for families while also providing women in the household a chance to become financially independent.

At the same time, it is giving customers the option to satisfy their cravings whether they are for local dishes, fast food or international cuisines. It is nothing short of a revolution that has taken the market by storm, setting a precedent of empowerment, innovation and creativity.

One such story is of a superwoman named Tahira. Before working as a HomeChef for foodpanda, Tahira had been experiencing significant financial challenges and had a eureka moment when she registered with foodpanda in May 2020. This is when she started serving food lovers . Although she always had a strong passion for cooking, being a housewife, she never considered using cooking as a means of support. She ended up launching Relish with Us and continues winning the customers’ hearts .

She now owns one of the most prosperous home-based eateries on the site, 2.5 years after starting it. Serving mouth-watering desi dishes like daal chawal, qorma, and karahi she has created a massive customer base for her food. By working in foodpanda’s cloud kitchen, she has also increased the availability of her delicious meals throughout the city. She hopes to soon start her own restaurant one day.

Another resounding success story to come out of foodpanda HomeChefs is Mansoor Baig. The founder of Fenis Kitchen that started in December 2021, he is a talented chef who tread down this path after losing his job due to COVID. With a distinct mix of local and international delicacies on the menu, Mansoor combines amazing taste with foodpanda’s reliable as well as timely delivery to wow his customers. His French toasts and a wide range of delicious omelets are crowd favorites.

foodpanda HomeChefs has been a life-changer for foodpreneurs, especially women across Pakistan. It is no hidden fact that being a homemaker is not a simple task, given the numerous difficulties that come with it. This is exactly what the founder of Mystery Flavours felt.

Naeema Taufeeq and her daughter Rida Taufeeq began working as foodpanda Homechefs last year. They operate another food business that offers traditional Pakistani cuisine like a variety of daals, qeema, sabzi and even the much-loved pakorey (fritters). Thanks to foodpanda, she provides for her family and is better able to manage domestic expenses.

Finally, on a sweeter note, it is pertinent to share the story of Shaban Ali, the force behind Maryland Desserts, a delicious brand serving sugary delicacies to customers across Karachi. Shaban initially launched on Facebook and Instagram with all the baking being done at his home. When orders started increasing, he chose to grow through foodpanda HomeChefs.

Since then, Maryland Desserts has developed into a brand with nearly 2.5 years of consistency and dedication. The company now has 2 physical locations, the PECHS and Johar branch, as well as 2 foodpanda shared kitchens in North Nazimabad and Jami commercial. By the end of this year, the owner wants to extend the company to two new locations.

foodpanda has facilitated these journeys through the distinctive platforms known as HomeChefs. It is a service that is transforming the food industry for both business owners and foodies alike.

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