Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Netizens React to these Mysterious #ScrollKaroShopKaro Billboards

Commuting in Karachi is not more than an extraordinary experience where everyone is ranting about getting stuck in traffic, juggling between buses, seeing two random Karachiites disputing in the middle of the road, and the list of unusual experiences can just go on! 

These days, there is something new for Karachiites to talk about while driving in the city, and it is not about the problematic traffic issues. The new set of #ScrollKaroShopKaro billboards around the city has undoubtedly caught everyone’s attention. 

From the roads of Shahrah e Faisal, all the way to Nazimabad, all that residents can see these days are these mysterious billboards. 

If you are a daily commuter in Karachi, then these billboards would have definitely crossed your route at least once or twice. These four words have been going on in everyone’s head, and if you are also one of those who are wondering what this is all about then congratulations, welcome to the gang! 

Netizens have started to gather on Twitter to make a few wild guesses about the brand behind this marketing gimmick. While some people have commented that the brand’s copywriters probably ran out of ideas, others think this is just the start of a new business launching in Pakistan. Whatever it is, we love the conversations people are having online! 

Numerous people around the city have also jumped on the bandwagon posting pictures of the billboards on their Instagram stories. One such Karachiite also took the matter onto her Instagram page, asking her followers “what’s this about now?”, being as curious as everyone else.

Have you also discussed the new #ScrollKaroShopKaro billboards with your friends, hoping to find the answer? If yes, then this unknown brand has definitely been successful in creating excitement at the start of a tense 2023, so far! 

In Pakistan, there have been a number of cases in which brandless billboards have been placed up only to keep people wondering about what all the excitement is about. Nevertheless, this time the streets of Karachi have been taken over by nothing more than four cryptic phrases… Scroll Karo Shop Karo! The general public feels that they have no idea what’s going on, but they are anxious to find out. Is it about the introduction of an app for the delivery of meals, an online fashion store, a gadget shop, or perhaps an all-in-one online store?

The current state of the country makes it difficult for many to even make ends meet. Where news of price hikes and sudden store shutdowns have disappointed many Pakistanis, these new billboards have created hope among Karachiites who are in the search of something new and much more affordable.

Only time can tell what the future holds for #ScrollKaroShopKaro. Till then, the only thing that can be done is to keep speculating and wait till the brand reveals itself.

Keep an eye on the billboards while you are traveling around the city in the coming days because you never know when your wild guess can turn out to be the bull’s eye! 

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