Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Never Make This Mistake While Charging Mobile Phones

Don’t leave the iPhone charging while you sleep or sleep near where the phone is charging, Apple warns.

According to foreign media reports, the Apple company has issued warnings to users, because there have been cases in the past where the mobile phone caught fire or the battery exploded while charging. They are coming forward.

As advised not to have the iPhone charging while you sleep, many people prefer to charge the phone while they sleep or keep it around or under their pillow.

The company warns that doing so can be dangerous for your life, there have been numerous fatal cases, if you are sleeping and your phone is charging, you can get electrocuted and injured. You may lose valuables.

The company stresses that always charging the mobile phone with its own charger, charging the mobile with a third-party charger can prove to be more dangerous for you.

Apple advises users to follow their instructions completely to stay safe from harm, by doing so you can avoid potential dangers around you.

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