Sunday, May 28, 2023

No Need to Invite Ireland, Zimbabwe if Asia Cup is Cancelled: Kamran Akmal

Kamran Akmal, a Pakistani cricketer, has expressed his opinion on the potential cancellation of the Asia Cup 2023 scheduled in Pakistan. He suggests that if the tournament does not take place, there would be no need to invite teams like Zimbabwe or Ireland.

However, if these teams are invited, Akmal believes they should compete against Pakistan’s A-team. According to Akmal, it is crucial for Pakistan to engage in challenging matches to boost their confidence before the ICC World Cup. He specifically mentions that playing against formidable teams such as South Africa would be advantageous.

Akmal emphasizes the importance of playing tough cricket as advocated by legendary players like Inzamam, Javed Miandad, and Imran Khan. Their belief is that Pakistan should face strong opposition before major tournaments, irrespective of the outcome, as it would prove beneficial in their preparation.

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