Sunday, May 28, 2023

Noman: A Competency-Based Training Beneficiary of TVET Sector Support Programme

My life is not defined by my disability!

People with disabilities are twice as likely to be unemployed as compared to those without disabilities. Noman has seen many of the barriers and attitudes toward people with disabilities.

Since birth, Noman might not be able to communicate his thoughts verbally, or he may not be able to listen to his loved ones’ voices, but his passion spoke louder than his words and he could hear success knocking at his door. Noman, from Malir in Karachi, shared a family of two brothers and four sisters. In the beginning, his family communicated with him through sign language, and gradually he started to pick up what they were saying.

Noman was never treated differently by his family due to his special requirements. He also learned how to use the mobile phone with the help of his siblings. His schooling was done at a normal school and all of the siblings, including Noman, would go to the same school. His teachers, parents, and Noman himself worked hard to pass his matric and intermediate exams. Noman could not study after intermediate as he wanted to gain a skill and start earning.

That was the time when he found out about Memon Industrial and Technical Institute (MITI). Acknowledging a strong need for self-sufficiency, Noman came to MITI for a chance to successfully find stable employment. With the assistance of his employment counselor, he interviewed for a position, which he readily obtained.  Noman felt he could benefit from this position, both financially and in the form of a self-satisfaction perspective.

Noman says, “The training was empowering and reinforced my ability to live independently.”

Before joining MITI, Noman was working at Pakistan Society Printing Corporation (PSPC). Owing to his dedication and hardworking performance, PSPC sent Noman to complete a Machinery Diploma at the institute supported by TVET Sector Support Programme. Noman gained valuable experience from the training that was provided to him. He further sharpened his skills with this diploma which benefitted him in his professional and personal life. Noman is now married and has a school-going son.

Now he lives a life just like anyone else would live.

As Noman says “I’m not rich, but I’m not poor as well. Now, I enjoy being healthy and independent.”

Noman did not allow his disability to drag him down and wanted to live life just like anyone, without a disability would live.

Disability is just a matter of perception!

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