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Pakistan is on the Route of Technological Advancement with the Launch of its First Locally Assembled Hybrid Electric Vehicle by Sazgar

Sazgar, a Pakistani automotive manufacturer, has revolutionized the automobile industry in Pakistan with the launch of Pakistan’s first Hybrid Electric Vehicle-The Haval H6 HEV. An extravagant event was hosted at Faletti’s, Lahore on Thursday for the launch party, which was attended by some of Pakistan’s very influential people like Suneel Sarfraz Munj, the co-founder of Pakwheels. It was also attended by famous content creators of Lahore including Taimoor Akbar, Khaqan Shahnawaz, Zarrar Khan, and Aena Khan. The Colony performed two exquisite performances, one at the time of the car reveal and the other at the end of the launch ceremony. The event was monumental for automotive innovation in Pakistan and was thereby enjoyed by renowned business executives, dealers, and car enthusiasts alike.

Since the start, Sazgar has emphasized revolutionizing the automobile industry in
Pakistan and bringing in the latest technologies. It has also been recognized for
providing the best after-sales service to its customers by ensuring the delivery of its
vehicles in record delivery time with a vast network of dealerships, all over Pakistan.
Previous successes of the company include the launch of the Haval H6 petrol variant.

This time Haval has brought forth the first locally assembled (CKD) hybrid unit in
Pakistan with state of art car features and international standard safety features. The
distinguishing features of Haval H6 HEV include 240 horsepower, 530NM torque, 19-
inch alloy wheels, front radar, fully automatic parking, autonomous reverse, blind spot detection, lane change assist, astern side warning braking, intelligent dodge, rear collision warning, ventilated and 4-way electric seats, anion air purifier, heads-up display, ambient lightning.

‘The #1 vehicle in the world’s largest market. I won’t need to praise this SUV because
the car will speak for itself louder than anyone ever could.’

-Mian Asad Hameed (CEO-Sazgar Engineering Works)
Sazgar’s commitment to ensuring technological advancement in Pakistan is admirable! Its global footprint is very extensive and it has successfully emerged as the market leader in the 3-wheeler category, with its state-of-the-art production facilities and efficient operation through people-centric policies.

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