Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Nomaan Sheikh, Pakistani Representative at VivaTech in Paris Lost his Valuable Possessions Including Passport

In a world where technology plays an integral role in our lives, losing valuable possessions can be a major setback, recently it been reported that Nomaan Sheikh went to attend a vivatech in Paris and he is representing Pakistan in that event. VivaTech is an innovation accelerator that brings together startups, technology leaders, large companies and investors to address the world’s biggest challenges. It is the place where business meets innovation.

Sadly, the event is not good for Nomaan Sheikh because his laptop and bag is stolen this morning that includes his Passport. He is currently trying to recover everything with the help of police but it is very saddened to know that someone that enthusiastic about tech and motivated to bring knowledge back to his country has to go through all this.

It was an ordinary day when he parked his car on a busy street. In a rush, he left his laptop bag on the passenger seat, mistakenly believing that it would be safe for a brief moment. Little did he know that this lapse in judgment would lead to a significant loss.

Returning to his car, he was horrified to find his belongings are missing. The theft not only resulted in the loss of my laptop, which contained valuable personal and professional data, but also his bag, which held essential items like his wallet, keys, and, most importantly, his passport.

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