Sunday, April 14, 2024

Now Invite Your Friends at Clock Tower and Enjoy upto 50% Off with These Bank Al Habib Cards

Gather your friends for a delightful outing at Clock Tower, where Bank Al Habib cardholders can revel in savings of up to 50%. With this exclusive offer, cardholders can enjoy discounts on a wide array of dining and entertainment experiences, making every moment spent with friends even more enjoyable. Whether it’s a casual meal, a fun-filled activity, or a relaxing evening out, this promotion adds an extra layer of excitement and affordability. From trendy cafes to fine dining restaurants, there’s something for everyone to savor while taking advantage of the fantastic discounts available with Bank Al Habib cards. So, round up your friends, head to Clock Tower, and make the most of this fantastic opportunity to create lasting memories without breaking the bank.


Restaurant: Clock Tower

City: Karachi


  1. 50% discount on Visa Platinum debit card

2. 25% discount on Mastercard Gold Credit Card and Visa Platinum debit card

3. 15% discount on PayPak Debit card, BAHL UnionPay Apna card, BAHL UnionPay debit card, Visa Silver Debit card and Visa Gold Debit card.

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