Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Now You Can Buy Flight Tickets of This Airline on Interest-Free Installments

The Saudi-based airline, flynas, has introduced an innovative approach to make air travel more accessible and convenient for customers.

This strategic collaboration with Tabby, a versatile app that offers shopping and financial solutions, now allows travelers to purchase flight tickets in four flexible and interest-free installment plans. Embracing the “fly now, pay later” concept, flynas empowers passengers as the global travel demand surges.

This partnership now allows people to meet their loved ones without worrying about ticket prices. With its extensive fleet of 51 aircraft, flynas seamlessly connects travelers to over 70 domestic and international destinations, including the bustling hub of Dubai.

Notably, flynas has secured its position amongst the top airlines, earning recognition as the fourth-best low-cost airline globally in July, and the foremost low-cost carrier in the Middle East. CEO and Co-founder of Tabby, Hosam Arab stated that this partnership will bring air traveling closer to people seeking adventures or longing to reconnect with their loved ones.

This alliance highlights the airline’s commitment to making air travel more accessible and customer-centric. Travelers can book their flights through the airline’s official website, its app, call center, and authorized travel agents.

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