Sunday, June 4, 2023

Now You can buy Samsung S23 Ultra on Instalments with 0% Mark-up

Now You can buy Samsung S23 Ultra on Instalments with 0% markup on Alfa Mall. With Processing fee of 2.5% Or Rupees 875 + FED (Federal Excise Duty) Whichever is higher will be charged on 9,12 months instalments & 5% FED processing fee will be charged on 18 months instalment

When thinking about buying the Samsung S23 Ultra on an instalment plan with Alfa Mall  it’s crucial to be aware of the processing fees related to instalment plans. The processing cost for 9 and 12 months of instalment plans will be 2.5% of the purchase price or Rupees 875 + FED (Federal Excise Duty), whichever is higher, according to the information. The processing cost for an 18-month payment plan will be 5% FED of the purchase price.

  • Here is an estimate of the processing fees for each instalment plan:

For a 9 or 12 months instalment plan:

2.5% of Rupees 342,000 = PKR 8,550

Rupees 875 + FED = PKR 1,102.50 (assuming FED is PKR 227.50)

Therefore, the higher amount to be charged would be Rupees 8,550

Total Payment: 350,500

For an 18 months instalment plan:

5% of Rupees 342,000 = Rupees 17,100

Total Payment: 359,100

When thinking about an instalment plan, it’s crucial to carefully research and comprehend all fees and charges related to the plan, including any potential penalties or late fees. To guarantee you’re getting the greatest bargain possible, make sure the instalment plan is within your budget and take into account comparing offers from several banks.

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