Monday, May 27, 2024

Saudi Arabia Planning World Most Expensive T20 League

The idea for the most costly T20 cricket league in the world has been prepared by Saudi Arabia. The Indian Premier competition (IPL) owners have reportedly had discussions with the Saudi Arabian government about creating the most costly T20 cricket competition in the world.

According to media, the league concept will supposedly alter cricket worldwide. The Saudi government has announced the most costly T20 cricket league as their next endeavour, according to an Australian media report.

The media reports that the rules are likely to be loosened after the recommendation of the Saudi Arabian authorities, despite the fact that Indian players are prohibited from playing in other leagues by their board.

The story claims that talks for the league in Saudi Arabia began a year ago, and ICC chairman Greg Barkley stated in an interview that Saudi Arabia is interested in investing.

According to media, the United Arab Emirates is now the favoured National destination for cricket; nevertheless, Saudi authorities are optimistic that Saudi Arabia will soon become the cricketing world’s next stop.

  • Will there be players from Pakistan and India in the Saudi league?

According to early predictions, there is a High probability that the new Saudi league’s inaugural season will include players from both Pakistan and India. The BCCI currently forbids Indian players from participating in any international Twenty20 tournaments, therefore this will be a first for them.

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