Sunday, July 14, 2024

Now You Can Travel from Karachi to Lahore by Train as Low as Rs.1700 as Pakistan Railways Announces Massive Discount

Travel from Karachi to Lahore this Eid Al-Adha with low fares of around Rs. 1700 as Pakistan Railways announces massive discount. You can en route the following trains for your trip from Karachi to Lahore and get a 33% discount.

The Eid Al-Adha special discount will be available from 29th June to 1st July on all the classes including economy, AC Sleeper, AC Parlor, AC Standard, and AC business.

The discount can be availed on many trains. The expected fare after the discount on seat and berth fare of economy class are mentioned in the table below.

TrainDiscounted Seat FareDiscounted Berth Fare
Khyber MailRs. 1,641Rs. 1,708
Allama Iqbal ExpressRs. 1,641Rs. 1,708
Karakoram ExpressRs. 2,077Rs. 2,144
Green LineRs. 2,378Rs. 2,445
Karachi ExpressRs. 2,077Rs. 2,144
PAK Business ExpressRs. 2,077Rs. 2,144
Shalimar ExpressRs. 2,077Rs. 2,144
TezgamRs. 2,077Rs. 2,144

Get your tickets book from reservations offices and stations to travel all the three days of Eid at highly reduced prices.

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