Thursday, July 25, 2024

Titan Submarine Had Seven Independent Methods to Bring Back Passengers Back to Top

In light of the recent Titan submersible tragedy which took five lives in the deep depths of the ocean, the OceanGate’s safety departments reveal that the submersible has seven backup systems in case of emergencies.

David Pogue, the CBS News journalist who ventured the OceanGate’s Titan expedition last year, says that the submersible has seven backup systems installed. The safety systems are integrated to help return to the surface through the deployment of sandbags and the shedding of lead pipes to increase buoyancy.

In addition, the backup also includes the release of an inflatable balloon to facilitate resurfacing. Pogue further said that the system is incorporated such that it can be operated even when passengers are unconscious.

According to David Pogue, the Titan submersible which exploded might have lost all the power to contact or the submersible produced a hull breach causing it to implode instantly.

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