Thursday, September 28, 2023

NUST Students Claims First Position in Formula Student UK Concept Class

The NUST Formula Student Team won a big competition called Formula Student UK 2023 Concept Class. They did really well in the Lap Time Simulation (LTS) event, where they came in 1st place by showing how fast and well their car can handle on a computer-simulated race track.

The team also did a good job in the Design and Cost events. They got 6th place in both events. The Design event is about how well they designed their car, and the Cost event is about how efficiently they made the car without spending too much money.

With all these achievements combined, the NUST Formula Student Team got 6th place overall in the tough Concept Class of Formula Student UK 2023. They are becoming known for their engineering skills and determination in the world of car competitions.

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