Friday, September 29, 2023

OceanGate Co-Founder Wants to Take 1,000 Humans to Live in Venus

Guillermo Söhnlein, the cofounder of OceanGate Expeditions, has become well-known after a tragic incident involving the Titan submersible on June 18, which resulted in the loss of five lives, including his friend Stockton Rush. Despite questions about his company’s approach to safety, Söhnlein is still committed to his ambitious vision for the future.

His latest plan is to send 1,000 people to live in Venus’ atmosphere by the year 2050, which may sound surprising to many. Although he acknowledges the challenges, he believes it is a more achievable goal compared to settling a million people on Mars by 2050.

Despite criticism and doubts, Guillermo Söhnlein remains determined to explore the possibilities of human habitation in Venus’ atmosphere and continues to support advancements in space exploration and innovation.

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