Thursday, December 7, 2023

Officer Finds Cash, Returns it to Police; Honored for his Honesty in Dubai

Lieutenant Saeed Muhammad Ali, a Civil Defence officer, was honored by the Dubai Police for his honesty. He found a sum of money within his jurisdiction and promptly turned it in. Major General Abdullah Khadem Suroor Al Maasem, Director of Bur Dubai Police Station, praised Lieutenant Ali, stating that his honesty exemplifies the admirable values of the Emirates.

The honor serves to motivate the public and aligns with the Dubai Police’s strategic goals. Major General Al Maasem awarded Lieutenant Ali a certificate of thanks and appreciation, recognizing his honesty and good conduct. Expressing his happiness with the honor, Lieutenant Ali stressed the importance of collaboration with the police to serve the community and enhance stability.

This recognition promotes a strong partnership between Dubai Police and the public, encouraging positive qualities and cooperation to ensure security and safety throughout the country.

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