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Opening Doors to Digital Learning: Confiz Empowers Future Innovators with Laptop Donation to Swiss Education Project Pakistan (SEPP)

Confiz has taken a significant stride in fulfilling its mission to help close the digital divide by donating ten laptops to Swiss Model High School, Lahore, a part of Swiss Education Project Pakistan (SEPP). Providing on-site laptops will empower students to develop their computer literacy skills. This remarkable initiative equips students with the essential tools to navigate the digital landscape and unlocks doors to academic and professional growth opportunities. 

This initiative marks their second consecutive donation to empower young students with valuable digital skills and create pathways for their academic and professional growth. Confiz’s previous donation involved providing laptops to the Government College for Women in Data Nagar, aiming to establish a solid foundation in computer literacy for females. 

Confiz’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee volunteers, Amna Arooj, Ahmed Mujtaba, and Bilal Ghafeer, represented Confiz during this initiative. Their efforts were met with overwhelming support from the school’s administration. During the visit to the school, the team had the opportunity to interact with students and teachers at Swiss Model High School. They shared their professional and personal journeys, motivating the students and providing essential guidance about the professional world while emphasizing the critical role of technology in the present workforce. 

Computer literacy has become an essential skill, and students must be equipped with this knowledge to compete and secure opportunities in the future. With the donation of 10 laptops, Confiz aims to empower teachers and Swiss Model High School students with basic digital literacy.

The Swiss Education Project Pakistan (SEPP) was founded in Basel in 1997. The association was formed by Dr. Dorothea Roth and a group of her close colleagues. In April 1999, a former Pakistani refugee opened the SMHS (Swiss Model High School) in Lahore as a politically and religiously independent co-education primary school. Swiss Model High School operates on the core principle of empowering students through education to break the cycle of poverty.  

The school has been steadfast in its mission to provide free education to students, but resource constraints posed a significant challenge. These laptops will enhance the classroom learning experience and expand access to online learning opportunities beyond the classroom, removing barriers and promoting inclusivity in education. 

Amna Arooj, who has played an instrumental role in driving this initiative, expressed her joy by saying, “Empowering young minds through education and technology is not just a responsibility; it’s an opportunity to shape a brighter future of young boys and girls. I am deeply honored to be part of Confiz’s initiative to promote computer literacy at Swiss Model High School.” 

Mrs. Usbah Ali, Principal at Swiss Model High School, appreciated Confiz’s drive by saying, “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Confiz for their incredibly generous donation of laptops to Swiss Model High School. This initiative is a testament to the profound commitment of organizations like Confiz to advancing education and empowering our students to reach their full potential.” 

It is refreshing to witness IT companies such as Confiz actively promoting computer literacy and equipping the younger generation with the right tools and essential skills needed to succeed in the digital age. Confiz is empowering young minds to break the chains of poverty and contribute positively to society by providing access to technology and education. We hope to see more companies follow in Confiz’s footsteps and make a meaningful impact on the lives of young people globally. 

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