Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Karachi Becomes Most Polluted City of World

Karachi is facing a serious environmental challenge, being identified as the city with the most concerning air quality. The measurement of pollutants in the air, as indicated by the Air Quality Index (AQI), peaked at 244 on a recent Sunday morning.

This is a troubling development, particularly when considering the trend observed in recent years. Reports from IQAir suggest that instead of witnessing an improvement in air quality, Karachi has experienced a deterioration.

To comprehend the gravity of the situation, it’s important to note that an AQI reading falling in the range of 151-200 is deemed unhealthy, and a reading between 201 and 300 is considered even more hazardous to health. Presently, Karachi’s air quality falls within the unhealthy category, signifying potential risks to the well-being of its residents.

Despite this concerning scenario, Karachi is expected to undergo dry and cold weather, featuring a chilly breeze during the night. The morning temperature in Karachi was recorded at 18 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature is anticipated to fluctuate between 28 to 30 degrees Celsius.

This weather forecast adds an additional layer of complexity to the existing air quality problem, potentially impacting the overall environmental conditions in the city. Efforts to address and mitigate the pollution levels in Karachi are crucial to safeguarding the health and well-being of its residents.

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