Monday, February 26, 2024

Orange Line Metro Train Services Suspended in Lahore

The Orange Line Metro Train, a major mode of transport in Lahore, faced a disruption recently, affecting many people in the city. This happened because the Punjab Mass Transit Authority decided to temporarily stop the Metro Train services in Lahore. The reason behind this suspension was the annual urs ceremony honoring Allama Khadim Rizvi, which drew a large gathering of his party’s followers to Lahore.

The authorities were concerned about potential risks to public infrastructure due to the event and took the decision to suspend key services to avoid any harm. Unfortunately, this sudden suspension caused a lot of inconvenience to passengers who relied on the Metro Train for their daily commutes.

The urs celebrations lasted for three days, starting from last Sunday and wrapping up on Tuesday evening. During this time, certain areas in Lahore, particularly Multan Road, faced heavy traffic congestion. This congestion made it difficult for people to move around smoothly, adding to the challenges caused by the disrupted Metro Train services.

Overall, the abrupt suspension of the Metro Train due to the urs ceremony led to significant mobility issues for many individuals in Lahore, impacting their daily routines and causing congestion in parts of the city.

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