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Orange Line Train Lahore – Route, Stations, Tickets, Timings and other Details

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The name of the game for this orange train Lahore project is convenience. Lahore is a large city, and not everyone can afford to own a car and other modes of transportation. It is for this reason that such initiatives are being undertaken.

Orange Line Train Lahore

Orange Line Train Lahore

Lahore’s Orange Line is an electronic rapid transit line in the Pakistani city of Punjab. It is the country’s first driverless metro system. The Punjab Mass Transit Authority operates the system. It is a component of the Lahore Metro network.

Govt has already had this metro bus initiative in place, and it extremely satisfied the people who use it with its services. They are confident that, because of the inauguration and operation of this Lahore metro train, people could enjoy greater and greater levels of convenience in their daily lives.

The line is the country’s first metro train system. The line stretches for 27.1 kilometres (16.8 kilometers), with 25.4 kilometers (15.8 kilometres) of elevated track and 1.72 kilometres (1.1 kilometres) of underground track.

This line has 26 terminals and must handle 250,000 passengers per day. Both the Pakistani and the Chinese governments have contributed to the construction of the orange line.

The govt started the project in May 2014 and completed in 2022, when our government signed an agreement with China to build up the great development plan. And the Chinese provided them with a loan of 1.55 billion dollars from the Exim Bank of China to fund the construction of the Orange Line Metro Train in Lahore.

The total cost of this project is one crore sixty lakh dollars, and the length of the track is 27.1 kilometers, with 27 stations along the route. Every day, approximately 250,000 people travel from one location to another, taking advantage of the most up-to-date transportation services available in Pakistan.

Seating capacity

The Orange Metro Train has a seating capacity of 200 passengers and can transport up to 800 people in a stand-up situation each day, allowing people to get to their destinations, particularly schools, colleges, as well as universities, without having to contend with traffic and pollution.

The Lahore Orange Metro Train Ticket Price is Rs. 40 for one person, and it provides access to the Mcload road, Multan road, junction road, railway station, grand trunk road, and raiwind road, among other locations. The Orange Train LHR operates from 08:00 to 10:00 a.m. in the morning and at night.

Security Measures

They installed emergency gates in the Lahore Orange Line Metro Train for security. In the event of a fire, fire extinguishers are placed, and explicit instructions on how to utilise them are provided.

Orange Train Lahore Route/Stations

Orange Train Lahore Route/Stations

There are 26 stations in this orange train project, which is a great thing. There are two underground stations, the central one and the Anarkali station. The remaining 24 orange line stations are elevated and have a different design than the underground stations.

The person who wishes to take advantage of this service should consult the list of stations that the orange train platform will serve during service period, which is provided on the official website.

Orange Line Train Timing

The track is running at a maximum speed of 80 km per hour, and they cover the area of this track in 45 minutes. The track is open to the public from early morning 08:00 am until late at night 10:00 pm during its operating hours.

During the journey of this Lahore Orange Metro Train Routes, it was formed two electricity substations, and the ticket price is assumed to be 20 rupees for all Pakistani citizens, and every person also makes a digital card, similar to the metro bus, resulting in the most transparent and comfortable, happy transportation travel of Orange Line Metro Train.

Benefits Of Orange Line Train Lahore

Benefits Of Orange Line Train Lahore

The route for the trains to run on was too long to cover the entire city of Lahore. The entire length of the orange train track for the purpose of covering the entire city is 27.10 kilometres.

This route will pass through approximately 27 stations of the Orange Metro Train Lahore, each of which is located to cover a different part of the city. The project had a total cost of 16 million dollars in its entirety.

There are many advantages to taking the Orange Train in Lahore, some of which are listed below:

  • Traveling with ease saves time and money while also providing a safe and secure journey.
  • Work daily.
  • Provide on-time service
  • It has very well-trained employees
  • Be easy to communicate with
  • Have adequate availability
  • offers a low-ticket price
  • covers a wide service area
  • This line covers most of the city
  • Provide a clean and orderly service
  • It is simple to use by students in schools, colleges, and universities; there is no traffic congestion.

There is no discrimination between rich and poor for public transportation. This line has a daily capacity of 250,000 people and can accommodate 200 sitting passengers and 800 standing passengers per orange train.

This train line is a pollution-free service and is available for both genders. It is safe. It is available early in the morning and late at night.

How to Buy a Ticket

ticket machine

We can purchase a reservation ticket for the orange line train in one of two ways: online or in person. One option is to purchase the ticket via the old-fashioned manner of going to the box office and waiting in line for your turn before purchasing the ticket. The alternative option is to make use of an automatic machine.

The Orange Line Train’s Efficiency

There is a Digital Card for the Orange Metro Train that is used to carry people around Lahore on a daily basis to cover a distance of 27.1 kilometres and 27 stations in the city. Rail transports from one location to another hundreds of passengers on a daily basis.

It takes 45 minutes to go 80 kilometres at 80 kilometres per hour. There are 18 working hours each day. The very first route time is 5:30 a.m. daily. The last route time is 11:30 p.m. daily.

  • 20 rupees ticket price
  • 20 rupees for all Pakistani citizens
  • The latest and predicted ticket costs are 40-50 rupees
  • There are two electricity substations in the tract
  • A digital card is also accessible for workers and students
  • Transparent travel is guaranteed

Wrapping Up

This article has all the information you need about Orange Metro Train Lahore, including the Orange Metro Train Lahore, old and current ticket prices, routes, first and final time, and project details from 2014 to 2020.

The OMTL’s opening, budget, loan, plan, project, old and new status, final steps of track completion, trains, ticket stations, way of obtaining a ticket, online bucking, physical bucking, and all the information are all available for you to review.

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