Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Our Universe Was Made in a Lab by Aliens: Harvard Professor

You might be familiar with Abraham (“Avi”) Loeb, best-selling author and former head of the astronomy department at Harvard.

He has previously gained attention for his assertions that extraterrestrial civilizations won’t respond to our messages for 3000 years, that Oumuamua may have been an interstellar spacecraft, and for launching the Galileo Project, a new initiative that is currently looking for signs of technology created by extraterrestrial civilizations.

He has returned with a fresh idea on the cosmos and extraterrestrial life, and we must say, it’s a very unsettling one.

This week, Loeb wrote an opinion piece for Scientific American in which he made the unlikely claim that a “advanced technological civilisation” may have created our priceless and enigmatic cosmos in a laboratory.

As our universe has a flat geometry and zero net energy, Loeb suggested that a highly evolved civilisation may have built a device that used quantum tunnelling to produce a newborn world out of nothing.

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