Friday, March 1, 2024

Over 1200 Road crashes recorded in Punjab in last 24 hours

In the past 24 hours, 1,207 road traffic crashes (RTCs) occurred in all of the districts of Punjab, resulting in at least 14 fatalities and 1,347 injuries.

Out of this, 770 people suffered severe injuries and were taken to various hospitals. 577 individuals with minor injuries, however, received treatment at the scene of the accident. 72% of the cases involved motorcycles.

The investigation also revealed that 642 drivers, 44 drivers who were under the age of 18, 139 pedestrians, and 580 passengers were among those hurt or killed in these traffic accidents.

The statistics show that 303 RTCs were reported in Lahore which affected 348 persons placing the Provincial Capital at top of the list followed by 93 Multan in with 96 victims and at third Faisalabad with 81 RTCs and 83 victims.

The details further reveal that 1361 victims were affected by road traffic crashes including 1,077 males and 284 females. Whereas, the age group of the victims shows that 279 were under 18 years of age, 699 were between 18 and 40 years. The rest of the 383 victims were reported above 40 years of age.

According to the data 1,070 motorcycles, 85 rickshaws, 136 cars, 26 vans, 15 buses, 25 trucks and 110 other types of auto vehicles and slow-moving carts were involved in aforesaid road traffic accidents.

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