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Pakistan and China Working Collaboratively to develop E-Commerce Platforms

Ambassador of China, Mr. Moin ul Haque informed that, Pakistan is stepping towards digitalization and is currently working with the neighboring country, China in order to develop the e-commerce platforms.

He stated to China Economic Net that Pakistan is currently going with a really fast pace in E-commerce development like from the past few years. He also added that we are working with Chinese companies already in order to establish certain e-commerce platforms in Pakistan this is as part of the poverty alleviation program that is known as “Ehsaas” that is already doing very well in Pakistan.

Pakistan is an agriculture country that is perhaps a very strong and has a great economy due to this but we need to get modernize in this sector of agriculture and other sectors also, he stated.

According to Moin, our nation needs to have much better seeds for agricultural land along with a modern irrigation proper system and high yields of our crops. He also added that, “I think Pakistan lack in investment or in having a better infrastructure as in cold chain networks.

However, these are very important aspects and areas in which the neighboring country, China has a very large success while lauding the China for alleviating of 800 million people that are out of the absolute poverty in their country, he added.

Moin ul Haque while talking to China Economic Net, also highlighted the main role of advance and modern technology in the poverty alleviation in China.

The e-commerce platforms have been used there to market their products of farm and villages in China as this is a part of their poverty alleviation strategy. The Farmers there were also given basic training about technology as the use of smartphone or mobile that how to e-commerce stores are used and for the branding of their products, etc. As in previous year of 2020, the e-commerce sale of China was around $18 trillion, that was recorded as the highest sales Worldwide. Haque took this example and mentioned the significance of the cold chain as well as the logistics in this agricultural industry chain.

We lack in modernization of technological systems along with the infrastructure of the cold chain and the logistics, as majority of our farm products are simply wasted from the initial stage of farms to the main markets.

Lastly he added that, to make the proper system and infrastructures we require investments into these projects of our cold chain industry and the storage modernization. However, we are currently working with Chinese authorities just to update the cold chain in logistics in Pakistan.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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