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Toyota built a Supra Drift Car

Toyota Supra car is recently built that can drift itself. Prototype of the car built by the engineers of TRI- Toyota Research Institute and the members of Dynamic Design Lab of Stanford University are supposed to succor the car makers to develop a sophisticated control algorithm that can keep people safe and amplify the human driving abilities.

The Research institute of Toyota has pointed out that the most crashes that occur in the mundane situations and in other situations where the drivers may require making man oeuvres that is taking their vehicle very close to end; however, at times they exceed the normal limits of handling the car.

This Supra car can catch up a slide with a little to even no human intervention that would help the drivers when need to make man-oeuvres which are beyond their skills and abilities to avoid any collision.

The car when is up and running, the overall system will surely make this as another tool in this automotive industry where it’s ever-expanding armory of the system of driver-assistance.

Moreover, Toyota says that its active and high safety technologies in car will also be shared broadly and it is so as then Toyota and the other auto manufacturers in the market can locate it on the road.

This Supra Drift Car project is also based on a Stanford University’s paper that was published as “Opening the New Dimensions: The Vehicle Motion Planning along and Control using Brakes while Drifting”.

The researchers of the university have used a much modified Delorean just to show their architecture proof-of-concept that is capable of controlling any rear-wheel drive of the vehicle while drift using brakes, propulsion, and steering.

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