Monday, March 4, 2024

Pakistan Earns $1.9 Billion From IT Services’ Export in Nine Months

Throughout the first nine months of the current fiscal year 2022–23, Pakistan made US$ 1,941.350 million by offering various information technology (IT) services to different nations.The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) said that this is a decrease of 0.45% when compared to the US$ 1,950.080 million in revenue from the sale of services during the comparable months of the fiscal year 2021–22.

The export of computer services increased by 0.09 percent from July to March (2022–2023), going from US$ 1,566.870 million to US$ 1,568.270 million.When it comes to computer services, exports of software consulting fell by 0.85%, from US$ 578.454 million to US$ 573.544 million, while exports of hardware consulting increased by 148.69%, from US$ 1.645 million to US$ 4.091 million.

During the same time, the export of information services decreased by 5.80 percent, from US$ 4.140 million to US$ 3.900 million.While the exports of other information services climbed by 19.04 percent, from US$ 1.355 million to US$ 1.613 million, the exports of news agency services declined by 17.88 percent, from US$ 2.785 million to US$ 2.287 million.

The export of call centre services, which increased from US$ 154.353 million to US$ 161.868 million during the period under review, increased by 4.87 percent, according to PBS data, while the export of other telecommunication services decreased by 7.75 percent, from US$ 224.717 million to US$ 207.312 million.

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