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Pakistan earns $829 million from IT services’ Export in 4 months.

During the first four months of fiscal year 2021-22, Pakistan earned $829.977 million by delivering various IT services in other nations. This represents a 39.24 percent increase over the $596.090 million gained through service provision during the equivalent period of fiscal year 2020-21, according to PBS. From July to October (2021-22), computer services exports increased by 39.01 percent, rising from $467.690 million last fiscal year to $650.117 million this year.

Exports of software consultancy services increased by 47.95 percent, from $156.256 million to $231.178 million, while exports of hardware consultancy services increased by 353.54 percent, from $0.198 million to $0.898 million.

The export and import of computer software related services increased by 45.21 percent, from $115.330 million to $167.475 million, while exports of repair and maintenance services increased from $0.179 million to $0.404 million. Furthermore, exports of other computer services climbed by 27.81 percent, from $195.727 million to $250.162 million. Meanwhile, the export of information services climbed by 53.51 percent during the evaluation period, rising from $1.140 million to $1.750 million.

Among information services, news agency services climbed by 107.60 percent, from $0.579 million to $1.202 million, while other information services decreased by 2.32 percent, from $0.561 million to 0.548 million.

The report also revealed that telecommunications service exports increased by 39.96 percent during the year under review, rising from $127.260 million to 178.110 million.

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