Thursday, November 30, 2023

Pakistan Given No Special Discount on Oil: Russian Minister

Nikolai Shulginov, the Russian Energy Minister has clarified that Pakistan is not granted any special discount on crude oil. Earlier, upon receiving the first Russian Crude oil shipment, Prime Minister Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif expressed his gratitude exclaiming the oil has been imported at a special discount.

The Russian minister responded to the media and clarified the situation by saying, “Oil deliveries to Pakistan have begun. There is no special discount; for Pakistan, it is the same as for other buyers,”

In addition, Nikolai Shulginov stated that payment in Chinese currency has also been finalized between both countries, at an International economic conference in ST Petersburg. He also told the media that decision about barter supplies has not been confirmed yet, however, Pakistan has put forward a special order for allowing barter trade with Afghanistan, Russia, and Iran for petroleum, metals, coal, LNG, wheat, and other items.

The Russian Minister further claimed that no decision has been reached regarding the prices for the export of liquified natural gas to Pakistan.

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