Friday, April 19, 2024

Pakistan has opened Asia’s largest children’s eye hospital

Rawalpindi’s largest children’s eye hospital, with a capacity of treating 150,000 children annually, has opened its doors to patients. Al-Shifa Children’s Eye Hospital was built for Rs. 1 billion.

The initiative was created to make it easier for patients and their families and increase efficiency and provide high-quality health care. It was completed on time with a one-billion-rupee investment. It will be able to serve 500 OPD patients each day, according to Brig. (Retired) Rizwan Asgar, Executive Director Al-Shifa Trust.

He told the media that, in addition to caring for 500 OPD patients, doctors could undertake fifty complex surgeries in a single day. In terms of capacity, Rizwan Asgar said that this would be the largest hospital in Asia. It was finished under the direction of Major General (Retired) Rehmat Khan, the trust’s president.

He stated that we would provide the greatest care and therapies for children while also playing a key role in research, for which benefactors and funders are grateful.

“We have engaged 16 eye experts, and all of the operation rooms have been outfitted with the most up-to-date gear and are linked to the main hospital’s operation rooms,” he continued. The children’s cancer department, wards, and doctor’s rooms are all designed to international standards, while the cafeteria, waiting areas, and private rooms are all built to international standards.”

Those who cannot afford to travel to the United States or the United Kingdom should not hesitate to come to the hospital because 80 percent of patients are treated for free, he added. He added that those who can afford to travel to the United States or the United Kingdom should not do so because they will receive equally good services in this hospital.

If no vision correction is required, he recommends that school-aged children undergo an eye checkup every two years. Children who require eyeglasses should get their eyes tested at least once a year or as prescribed by their doctor.

“To date, we have treated over six million patients in our outpatient departments, and over 600,000 surgeries have been performed in the trust’s facilities in Rawalpindi, Kohat, Sukkar, and Muzafarabad,” he establsihed.

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