Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Pakistan Launches e-passport Facility, Here’re the Details

The introduction of electronic passports (e-passports) in Pakistan marks a significant advancement in streamlining immigration processes at airports. With over 20 features, these passports will store comprehensive passenger records and travel details, enhancing efficiency and security. The convenience extends to the application process, as people can apply for e-passports at any passport office nationwide.

To further expedite immigration, smart gates will be deployed at all international airports, exclusively for e-passport holders. The Directorate General Immigration and Passports has released a fee structure for different e-passport categories, taking into account validity periods and urgency:

E-Passport ValidityPagesFee (Rs)
5 Years369,000
5 Years (Urgent)3613,000
5 Years7215,000
5 Years (Urgent)7227,000
10 Years3613,000
10 Years (Urgent)3622,000
10 Years7224,750
10 Years (Urgent)7240,000

These fees cater to the diverse needs of travelers, providing options based on validity period and processing urgency. Overall, the implementation of e-passports and associated infrastructure aims to enhance the overall travel experience for individuals in Pakistan.

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