Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Pakistan Navy Rescues Nine Indian Stranded in Arabian

The Pakistan Navy and the Maritime Security Agency worked together to save nine Indian citizens stuck in the Arabian Sea. They got a call for help from a boat called ‘Sass Five’ that had a problem with its engine and was floating in the water. The boat had left India and was going to Sharjah when it broke down, leaving the people on board stuck for more than a day.

The Pakistan Navy and Maritime Security Agency quickly sent airplanes to find the boat. They located it and fixed the engine so the boat could move again. They also gave medical help to the tired people on the boat. After everything was fixed and the crew was feeling better, they let the boat continue its journey.

The Pakistan Navy and Maritime Security Agency did a great job helping the people on the ‘Sass Five.’ Their quick and professional actions were praised by the crew of the boat.

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