Monday, March 4, 2024

Pakistan needs 5 years to make Gawadar an International standard Seaport; says, Experts

Matsuda Kuninori, the Japanese envoy to Islamabad, believes that Pakistan can use Gwadar port as a transit hub in the short term because the government needs another five years to transform it into an international standard seaport with an industrial complex, according to Matsuda Kuninori.

As Matsuda pointed out, countries such as Pakistan require second and third trade ports, and it would be quite prudent for Pakistan to construct a second port such as Gwadar because the city of Karachi is extremely congested. According to the ambassador, “Gwadar at this time does not have an industrial complex or a commercial hinterland.” He also stated that there are second and third stage projects that will take longer to accomplish.

“I am a person who believes in the power of positive thinking, and I will give it five years to transform Gwadar into an international class port,” Matsuda added.

“We are keeping a close eye on how quickly and to what extent the second and third stage projects will be prepared so that Gwadar can truly become a trading hub.”

“Gwadar has a future, but solid planning of the second and third stages is required, including the construction of an industrial complex and some sort of logistic support area, as well as the development of interior road networks that connect Gwadar with inland cities,” stated Matsuda.

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