Monday, April 15, 2024

Pakistan not fulfilling the demands of World bank and IMF.

According to sources, since the PTI government has come into power, the tax on electricity has increased by 40 per cent and of which the 2.71 per unit is the base tariff.

Last week a meeting was held between prime minister Imran Khan, energy minister Hammad Azhar, finance minister Shaukat Tarin, minister of economics affairs Umar Ayub Khan and other relevant authorities with the work bank’s delegation under the leadership of the vice president of South Asia, Hartwig Schafer, where they discussed issues like energy and others.

The delegation showed their concern to authorities present in the meeting on the lack of execution of their commitment to energy tariff according to the agreement made in February 2021 and want a new deadline for the changes to be made.

IMF and World Bank got an undertaking by the government in which the base tariff is to be increased by Rs. 3.34 per unit in two stages; the first was notified in February 2021 of Rs. 1.95 per unit, the second stage of increase of Rs. 1.39, due for June 1st, is delayed because the PM ad the finance minister disagreed as it would make the industries and households burdened as there is a lot already.

The sources said, “The main demand by the World bank to government is the increase in base tariff on electricity due to a political decision. But the changes in quarterly tariff monthly FCAs will continue.”

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