Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Pakistan Railways to Outsource Commercial Management of Trains

Pakistan Railways has decided to contraction-out the commercial administration of eight of its passenger trains in an attempt to better their financial viability and increase the traveling experience.

The Chief Marketing Manager has issued an announcement in this regard, seeking guidance for it, and by 14 January 2021, the interested parties are to present their proposals.

The Chaman Passenger train are included , the Kohat Express, the Mianwali Express, the Ravi Express, the Mehran Express, the Badar Express, the Mohenjo-Daro Express, and the Sir Syed Express.

Azam Swati, the newly appointed Railways Minister said that government cannot run Pakistan Railways in its whole, meaning that it will have to outsource some of its rows to remain useful.

He was also worried about the living conditions of his workers and announced that he would try to give newsettlements for them

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