Thursday, November 30, 2023

Pakistan to Introduce Short Hajj Package for Pilgrims in 2024

In Islamabad, the federal government has introduced a shorter 20 to 25-day Hajj package with extra allowances for pilgrims to make their journey more comfortable. The Federal Cabinet is expected to approve the Hajj Policy for 2024 in early November, which includes various positive changes to enhance the pilgrim experience.

Overseas Pakistanis can still benefit from the sponsorship Hajj scheme, showing the government’s commitment to helping its citizens abroad. Pilgrims who pay their Hajj expenses in dollars will no longer be subject to the lottery system, easing their financial burden.

Another improvement is the option to stay in Medina for 4 to 8 days. To enhance luggage security and reduce confusion, all pilgrims will receive a bag with the Pakistani flag, a QR code, and important information.

To simplify the application process, the government will launch a mobile app for online Hajj applications. The economy package, which caters to a wider range of pilgrims, will remain at a 40-day duration.

More than 90,000 pilgrims will be accommodated under the official Hajj scheme.

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