Saturday, December 2, 2023

Pakistan’s World Cup Semi-Final Qualification Scenario After Loss Against South Africa

Pakistan’s journey in the ICC Cricket World Cup has hit a rocky patch with four consecutive losses. Their future in the tournament now hinges on the performance of other teams, particularly Australia.

Out of the six matches they’ve played, Pakistan has only clinched victory in two, amassing four points. To keep their hopes alive, they not only need to win their remaining three matches against Bangladesh, New Zealand, and England, but they also have to cross their fingers for favorable outcomes in other fixtures.

The ideal scenario for Pakistan is that Australia stumbles in three out of their four upcoming matches.

However, this seems like a long shot, as two of those games are against comparatively weaker opponents such as Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Hence, Pakistan is in need of a few unexpected upsets in the tournament.

Additionally, Pakistan would prefer if New Zealand secures victories in three of their remaining matches, with one loss to Pakistan.

If Australia avoids upsets but falls to New Zealand, the net run rate (NRR) might become a deciding factor.

To secure a spot in the next round, Pakistan would require the following results:

  • New Zealand defeating Australia
  • Bangladesh defeating Netherlands
  • India defeating England
  • Sri Lanka defeating Afghanistan
  • Pakistan defeating Bangladesh
  • New Zealand defeating South Africa
  • India defeating Sri Lanka
  • Afghanistan defeating Netherlands
  • Pakistan defeating New Zealand
  • England defeating Australia
  • India defeating South Africa
  • Sri Lanka defeating Bangladesh
  • Australia defeating Afghanistan
  • England defeating Netherlands
  • New Zealand defeating Sri Lanka
  • South Africa defeating Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh defeating Australia
  • Pakistan defeating England
  • India defeating Netherlands

If these results align with Pakistan’s hopes, India would have 18 points, New Zealand 14, South Africa 12, and Pakistan 10 points, while Australia and Sri Lanka would be tied at 8 points each. However, if Australia manages to beat Bangladesh, as expected, Pakistan and Australia will both have 10 points.

Pakistan’s outlook will become clearer in the upcoming week, and their prospects will shift based on the outcomes of the forthcoming matches.

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