Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Pakistan to Pay Britain Rs.42 Billion for O-Level Exam

Foreign exchange worth billions of rupees are leaving Pakistan as a result of the ongoing decline in local educational standards and currency depreciation. This is because the fees paid in Great Britain Pounds (GBP) have automatically increased as a result of the sharp decline in the value of the Pakistani rupee. Parents are compelled to make educational compromises for their kids in the face of inflation in the hopes of a better future for them.

Sources claim that exclusively for the O-level test this year, Rs42 billion would be sent from Pakistan to the UK. According to sources, the funds transported abroad are just a little bit less than the funds designated for the Higher Education Commission (HEC) budget. Sources said, the Cambridge Board’s O-Level test fee for eight courses costs Rs210,000. In addition to the three elective subjects, students must take five required topics.

The registration cost is Rs20,340 for non-scientific subjects and Rs22,390 for scientific subjects. The cost for the additional disciplines of Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, and Urdu is Rs61,000.

Exams for O-level, A-level, and IGSE are given twice a year. The documents state that the Cambridge Board will charge Pakistani students Rs21 billion for just one O-level test. The yearly O exams will be taken by about 0.1 million Pakistani pupils this year.

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