Monday, February 26, 2024

Pakistan Wheelchair Cricket team Receives Rs. 3.6 Million Cash Prize Over Asia Cup Victory

Recently, the Pakistan Wheelchair Cricket team clinched victory at the T20 Wheelchair Cricket Asia Cup 2023 held in Nepal, marking their second consecutive win at this prestigious tournament. In recognition of their remarkable performance, Mr. Zaka Ashraf, Chairman of the PCB Management Committee, awarded a substantial cash prize of PKR 3.6 million to the team.

The team’s exceptional skills and determination were evident throughout the tournament, securing a well-deserved triumph. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) highlighted the significance of inclusivity and diversity in sports by acknowledging and supporting the accomplishments of athletes regardless of their physical abilities.

In celebration of their success, the PCB organized a special reception in honor of the Asia Cup-winning Pakistan Wheelchair Cricket team. During this event, key figures such as Rukhsana Rajput (Chairman of the Pakistan Wheelchair Cricket), Zawar Noor (Team Manager), Javed Babar (Assistant Manager), Captain Mohammad Zeeshan, and the entire victorious squad were recognized and commended by Mr. Zaka Ashraf.

In addressing the Asia Cup champions, Mr. Ashraf expressed heartfelt congratulations, acknowledging their incredible achievements. He lauded both the players and the management of the Pakistan Wheelchair Cricket team for their dedication and skill, emphasizing their role in representing Pakistan globally. Furthermore, Mr. Ashraf assured continued support from the PCB, promising enhanced facilities and more grounds for the team to train and excel further in their future endeavors.

This recognition and encouragement from the PCB not only celebrate the team’s success but also underscore the importance of recognizing and supporting athletes from diverse backgrounds and abilities. It reflects a commitment to fostering inclusivity and providing equal opportunities for athletes across all spheres of sports in Pakistan.

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