Sunday, July 14, 2024

Pakistani Artist Uses (AI) to reimagine life in Mohenjo Daro,

Rehmatullah Mirbahar spent months learning AI tools, watching YouTube tutorials, and reading about ancient history. The photo he created went viral on social media last week and was centre of attention from the people all over the world.

The artist, who hails from a remote village in southern Pakistan’s Sindh province and was once scolded by his family for buying a computer, has in recent weeks used artificial intelligence (AI) to reimagine life at Mohenjo-daro. It has gone viral, one of the most astonishing monuments in the world dawn of civilization.

Rahmatullah Mirbahar, 34, is a computer operator at the Thatta District Health Department, who taught himself how to create art using his AI tools through the website and his YouTube tutorials, said he was surprised but happy that His photographs of Mohenjo Daro have received much acclaim.

Mirbahar said artificial intelligence is an ideal choice for the project because it can draw conclusions based on available online data about a place or its people, and where it doesn’t match reality, the human mind intervenes can.

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