Saturday, June 15, 2024

Pakistani Ashiq Hussain Who Designed Doors of Kaaba Passes Away

Muhammad Ashiq Hussain, a highly respected craftsman from Ahmad Pur Sharqia in Pakistan’s Bahawalpur district, has passed away. He was famous for his exceptional skill in crafting the central doors of the Kaaba and the covering for the Black Stone, known as the Hajar-e-Aswad.

Hussain inherited his craftsmanship talents from his father, Malik Ghulam Qadir, who was a skilled goldsmith serving in the palace of Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Abbasi of Bahawalpur.

Throughout his career, Hussain made a significant impact on Islamic art and architecture. He was deeply devoted to his work, and his lifelong dream was fulfilled when he requested soil from the Kaaba, symbolizing the pinnacle of his achievements.

Muhammad Ashiq Hussain’s legacy as a master craftsman and his influence on the design of the Kaaba will be remembered for many years. His craftsmanship not only beautified one of Islam’s most sacred sites but also inspired admiration and respect globally.

His dedication to his artistry and his contributions to Islamic heritage have left an enduring mark, ensuring that his name will be honored in the annals of artistic excellence and cultural heritage.

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