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Pakistani developer launching ‘exact’ copy of Paris in Gujranwala

A developer is launching a ‘complete’ replica, though five times smaller, of Europe’s popular city of Paris outside Gujranwala.

A sister company of Master’s Tiles and Ceramics is planning Le Paris Housing Scheme.

The scheme occupies 4,800 acres, or 19.4 square kilometers. In comparison, the original Paris was built over 105 square kilometers.

Le Paris will have its own 200-m Eiffel Tower, making it the tallest tower in the world.

Bahria Town Lahore’s replica, which stands at 80 meters, would outdo Le Paris’s Eiffel Tower. The housing structure will also include a copy of the Arc de Triomphe and a road named Shanzelize Street (after Champs-Elysées Avenue).

Town planning, construction and architecture will be conducted by the French AREP Group and the Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

Bilal Sandhu, the marketing manager said, “Pakistanis will not have to go to Europe. The city will provide affordable houses, but just like real Paris, it will be full of facilities.”

The company asks individuals for Rs110,000 for plots measuring five, seven and 10 marlas, one and two canals and shops and apartments to register with the company. “The preference will be given to the individuals who register and Rs30,000 in the price to be paid for the property will also benefit. This means that, after changing Rs110,000 of the registration fee, they will finally pay Rs140,000,” he said.

The developer would provide 40,000 low-cost houses for the less fortunate.

There will be low-cost houses of about 17 percent or 800 acres. Details of the prices of various categories and location of the platform were not shared by the company.

Since the Prime Minister’s, builders and developers have become involved

In an attempt to boost the economy, which contracted for the first time in 68 years, the Construction Package proposed some incentives to stimulate the construction sector and hundreds of allied industries, such as steel and cement.

In addition, there is a huge housing need in Pakistan-around 11 million. Every year, demand rises by 700,000 homes.

It is now possible to complete projects under the scheme by 30 September 2023 instead of the initial deadline of 30 September 2022. Under the revised ordinance, when reporting their source of income, those who buy housing units or parcels also receive a six-month exemption.

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