Friday, December 1, 2023

Pakistani Players Receive Central Contracts in Kolkata

In a significant development, the Pakistan cricket team players have received their central contracts in Kolkata ahead of their crucial ICC World Cup 2023 match against Bangladesh, slated for October 31. The players have now officially signed these contracts and are expected to receive their due salaries in the coming days.

Rumors had circulated on social media regarding the players not being paid for the past five months, adding to the concerns amid Pakistan’s underwhelming performance in the tournament. However, an official from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) clarified that the payment delay was primarily due to the central contract terms being finalized on the very day the team departed for the World Cup in India.

Each player was sent a hard copy of the contract, which they have now signed, marking an essential step in the process. The PCB is now in the process of completing additional formalities to ensure that the players receive their salaries promptly.

The issuance of central contracts had initially faced delays due to certain disagreements between the players and the board regarding various terms and conditions. Notably, the players were offered a substantial agreement, featuring a significant increase in pay, in addition to a share of the International Cricket Council (ICC) revenue. Moreover, the merging of red-ball and white-ball contracts resulted in significant enhancements in monthly retainers. This inclusion of ICC revenue is poised to boost the overall monthly remuneration for the players, providing a more attractive compensation package.

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