Thursday, June 1, 2023

Pakistani Restaurants in Aziziah, Jeddah Offer Free Food to Imams of Masjid, Muazin, The Caretakers of Mosques & Widows

An appreciable initiative has been taken by a Pakistani restaurant in Aziziah, Muta’am Samar is offering free food for elderly people of above 70 years of age, Imams of Masjids, Muazzins, widows, and the caretakers of Mosques.

Moreover, they are offering 50% discount for the teachers. The restaurant is situated in Aziziah, Jeddah. The owner and the restaurant deserve worldwide admiration. Undoubtedly, such noble gestures are highly admired as well as emphasized in our religion Islam.

Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said that giving food is a “quality of believers”. Moreover, Allah has promised to provide you more, if you spend it in His way, solely for Allah’s sake. This is a proud moment and example for Pakistanis as well as Muslims across the world.

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