Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Pakistani Rupee Close to Triple Century, Here’s Today Rate

Pakistani Rupee has depreciated a lowest point against the foreign currencies on 23rd August 2023.

According to the statistics revealed, in the open market, the Pakistani rupee was observed to be traded at buying and selling rates of Rs. 311.5 and Rs. 314.4 against the US Dollar.

In the interbank market on Wednesday, the Pakistani rupee settled at 299.6 against the U.S. dollar, marking a new record low for the second consecutive day

Notably, during the Interbank Trading Session closure on August 22, the US Dollar stood at Rs 299.01 against the Pakistani Rupee (PKR).

These recent fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar highlight the ongoing challenges faced by the currency in the financial market.

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