Sunday, July 14, 2024

Pakistani Rupee Gains Massively Against US Dollar in Open Market, Here’s Today Rates

In today’s Open Market rates, Pakistani Rupee rises against the US Dollar, where the latter faced a decline of Rs. 7 reaching Rs. 298. The Chairman Exchange Companies Association, Malik Bostan revealed that owing to the measures taken by the State Bank, the dollar has faced decreasing trend.

In the past few days, the dollar surged to massive Rs. 305, however, as per today’s rate, 13th June 2023, Rupee has increased against it. The falling trend for Dollar is expected to continue tomorrow as well and as per the speculations, Dollar might reach 295 rupees in the coming days.

Earlier, Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar stated that Pakistan has put all its efforts to fulfill all the IMF’s demands. The fluctuations might be attributed to these actions that Dollar’s rate fell to 298 in the open market today from Rs. 305.

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