Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Pakistani Sprinter Finally Gets Her Gifted Shoes without Paying Heavy Tax

Sahib e Asra, a Pakistani athlete, expressed her gratitude towards the media and her supporters for helping her resolve a tax issue she faced with a pair of imported spikes.

The 26-year-old sprinter disclosed that the dispute has been resolved, and she has finally received the much-needed spikes without having to pay the hefty taxes initially imposed upon her.

The spikes, worth Rs. 55,000, were gifted to Asra to support her training. However, the government had levied Rs. 68,000 in taxes on the imported goods, thereby making it difficult for her to obtain them. With the timely intervention of the media and the unwavering support of her followers, her issue was eventually solved.

Sahib e Asra is known for her impressive performances, having won medals at the South Asian Games and recently securing two gold medals at the 34th National Games.

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