Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Pakistani Startup VINNCORP Raises Investment Round of $100,000 from HRSG

VINNCORP, a startup in emerging technology, received its first round of funding from HRSG, a firm that specializes in people and business solutions. The six-figure upfront investment of US dollars 100000 by HRSG will further boost VINNCORP’s presence both domestically and internationally.

While providing his opinion on the occasion, Mr. Khurram Gulistan, founder and CEO of VINNCORP said, “We are optimistic that this investment will contribute to further refining VINNCORP’s product offering, along with extending our service provision beyond the current capacity.” Mr. Khurram Kalimi, co-founder and COO of VINNCORP and IBA alumni joined him, adding: “This has come to a point where the current pandemic is highly unstable and we are pleased that we will still be able to generate job opportunities in the technology sector.”

Pakistan has more than 76 million Internet users and more than 37 million active social media pages, providing an immense digital economy.

Established in November 2017 by two previous FAST Karachi batch mates, VINNCORP with previous experience in leading companies such as Microsoft HQ, Salesforce HQ, VMware, and Oracle, aims to provide B2B and B2C customers around the world with hi-tech products and services.

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