Friday, December 1, 2023

Pakistani Youth Can Earn upto Rs. 300,000 as Google Launches Free IT Training

In collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Tech Valley, Google has announced free IT training for Pakistani youth, providing a wonderful opportunity to earn up to Rs. 300,000 through learning skills.

The training will include many important skills keeping in mind the demands of today’s world including IT support, UX Design, Project Management, IT Automation, Advanced Data Analytics, Digital Marketing & E-commerce, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, and Cybersecurity.

The initiative has been taken by Sindh Governor, Kamran Tessori for the youth of Sindh. The training will be provided to 50,000 individuals in the historic Governor House, Karachi. Kamran Khan Tessori aims to transform Karachi into a successful IT hub by training youth in futuristic technologies including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and web 03.

Students will be selected by an aptitude test which will be conducted at Governor House. Kamran Tessori claims that after this training youth will be able to earn around Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 500,000.

The IT experts, Daniyal Nagori and Sir Zia will also be part of the training, supporting the initiatives taken by Governor Sindh.

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