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Pakistanis Can Get an On-Arrival Saudi Tourist Visa Upon Fulfilling 5 Requirements

Saudi Arabia has recently introduced a new policy called “Visa on Arrival” to facilitate tourism in the country. This policy allows tourists holding valid visas from the UK, US, or Schengen countries to obtain their Saudi visa upon arrival. The aim is to encourage more visitors to explore the country’s attractions, particularly the holy sites of Makkah and Medina.

While this visa on arrival facility is not yet available for Pakistani passport holders, those who possess a valid UK, US, or Schengen visa can take advantage of this opportunity. Whether visiting for commercial or tourism purposes, travelers must have already used their UK, US, or Schengen visa before arriving in Saudi Arabia.

Visitors under the visa on arrival scheme can enjoy a maximum stay of 90 days in the kingdom. Additionally, they have the freedom to move and explore various cities without any restrictions on their movements.

It is important to note that there are certain conditions to fulfill in order to avail this visa on arrival facility. Firstly, the visa must be valid at the time of arrival in Saudi Arabia and remain valid throughout the visit. Secondly, the passport of the visa holder must have been stamped with an entry visa from the country that issued the visa.

The General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) has also called on national carriers to review their previous conditions regarding entry for visa holders from these Western countries. The visa fee for Pakistani passport holders availing the visa on arrival is $120 or 450 Saudi Riyals.

It is worth mentioning that the e-Visa facility, which allows tourists to apply for their visa online, is currently not available for Pakistani citizens. However, the Saudi government has been taking steps to expand its tourism offerings and attract visitors from around the world. The introduction of the tourist visa at a cost of $80 was a significant development, and within ten days of its implementation, the kingdom witnessed around 24,000 foreign visitors, with China, the UK, and the US being the top countries of origin.

Under the new regulations, tourists can stay up to three months per entry and can have multiple entries within a year, with each visit limited to 90 days. The tourist visa is valid for one year from the date of issuance.

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